Caudill Energy Co. Inc.

Bucyrus-Eric 22W Drill Rig
Formed by acquiring Bucyrus-Eric 22W Drill Rig, tools and support equipment, and hiring an experienced drilling superintendent, this company began primarily to service the stripper oil leases owned by Kip Caudill.

Schramm T6885DHH
Currently marketing air rotary drilling services, we are now able to more fully compete in the drilling
and exploration, which the sophistication of this equipment allows. Operating a Shramm T685DHH
high pressure (850 CFM at 350 PSI) air rotary drill rig, we are capable of drilling to depths of 3500 feet, thus reaching the majority of hydrocarbon bearing formations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. The company, while engaging in contract work for third parties, feels it is in an excellent position to capitalize on leasing and drilling opportunities that may become available in the market place. Because of the continuing interest in oil and gas development at relatively shallow depths in Illinois and Appalachian Basins, we feel there exists a strong need for services which we perform. This company managed and operated by Joseph F. Mack, a man of in-depth experience in oil and gas drilling, completion, and production.

Storage Platforms
We feel our country is experiencing an ever changing scenario in energy, whereby oil prices have risen from $3.00 per barrel in 1970 to $140.00 per barrel by late 2008, while drilling and production costs have only escalated a fraction of this increase. We are seeking to accumulate geologically sound oil and gas leases and production in the Appalachian and Illinois Basin, with the emphasis on sand production with secondary recovery potential, coupled with shallow depths in the Illinois Basin. With global economic and political pressure focusing on oil, we feel the reserves hold solid worth with excellent upside appreciation. We seek geologic sound leases globally.

Our objective is to develop cash flow and five million barrels of recoverable reserves through acquisition and joint venture drilling programs. We have drilled horizontal wells in the Austin chalk formation in Texas, with Amerado Oil Co. and Edco Energy. We are currently developing a tax free exchange program for individuals and investors to exchange non income producing assets for income producing oil and gas income tax free, utilizing LLC's and Charitable remainder trusts, whereby all income is tax free while inside the LLC and Trusts all within IRS guidelines.

Other Storage Platforms

Active Wells

Geophysical Survey

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