The Patriot Channel
American media including television, films, newspapers, and magazines has a strong bias that hides truth and consistently communicates negative, liberal opinion. The Patriot Channel was created out of a need to communicate truth to America. We will broadcast as a full television network with a full programming schedule to broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days per week. The Patriot Channel's programming schedule will include news, original programming, talk shows, appropriate family entertainment, and historically correct documentaries.

The average reading skill of American's is on the 6th grade level. The media knows this and takes advantage of our citizens. Many Americans have been taught what the media wants them to know, not what it means to be an American. The bias through traditional media sources has caused a majority of Americans to become frustrated that their voice has no outlet. The Patriot Channel is that outlet! The traditional media has been used to influence elections and promote liberalism and socialism at every turn. Do you feel America is slipping away? That's because it is! You can help stop the slide by joining The Patriot Channel to reverse the course of our great country. The Patriot Channel will engage in the battle for America and meet the traditional media head on. We will first broadcast news accurately, and then expose biased journalism or yellow journalism at every turn. We will broadcast meaningful talk shows that highlight human interest stories, quality family based programs that inspire, inspirational self help shows, documentaries that are historically correct, America and American's at their best, and many other programs that promote truth, family, and America. The current issues that America faces today are unlike anytime in the history of our country. America is on the edge of a Second American Revolution or we can begin the perpetual destruction of our current way of life by not rising up to be the voice of truth. The Patriot Channel will be the voice to rally the American base of voters that will make the difference, the voters who truly care. With major issues such as terrorism and illegal immigration diluting America, we can impact many life changing challenges that America is facing now. The extreme left and the media want to turn America into a liberal, socialist state, they will if given the chance. The Patriot Channel's launch date to begin Broadcasting is November 1, Our November 1, broadcast date will enable The Patriot Channel to engage the media in time to positively impact the 2008 elections. We will follow every aspect of election news and report back to you and America the truth. With your help The Patriot Channel will influence the 2008 Presidential Elections, Congressional Elections, Senatorial Elections, and State and Local Elections. Lady Liberty is bruised but not shaken, help her stand strong and fight for what is important...Liberty, Freedom, and Truth. Help protect our country from external and internal threats. Are you ready for the challenge! Join us as the countdown to broadcast begins, a countdown to freedom, a countdown for truth, and a countdown to take back America by meeting the mainstream media head on and stopping them in their tracks. Join us for a journey of a lifetime. The Patriot Channel will meet the needs of America. This is the Second American Revolution!

Your Participation – The Patriot Channel needs your help. We are asking you to invest in a rock solid business that can be a financially rewarding investment with an added benefit of participating in one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime....The opportunity to inspire people all over the world and being part of a movement that takes back our country. You can invest money, time, and share The Patriot Channel with your sphere of influence.

Mission Statement – The Patriot Channel will be a full Television Network broadcasting television on the internet, as well as specific broadcast syndicated on the radio. We are promoting the best product in the history of the world "America". Through positive American Patriotism, our history will be communicated in every show we produce, news we report, and documentaries aired.